Aug 9, 2009

Don't Get Addicted to Olay Online Game

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera..
Rilek rilek..
Jangan semas semas..
Nanti muka da takacak sudaa~~
Hik Hik Hik..

Title entri kali nih memang macam killer..
Tapi takla killer sangat..
Bese bese je..
Entri nih sebenarnye pesanan sponsor blog sayabudakkurus nih..
Sape lagi kalau bukan..

Bawah ni pesanan diorang..
Baca dulu..
Bagi paham paham kan dahulu..

Dear Nuffnangers,

Please DO NOT get addicted to the Olay Online Game like our female colleagues in the Nuffnang office. They have been playing the Olay Online Game every day during lunch time till the fact that they skipped their meals!! In fact, we think that the game has started to consume their minds- you can hear them typing, talking and day- dreaming about the triple vitamins only. Though we understand that the prizes they can win are very lucrative (iPhone 3G, Sony Cyber Shot Camera, Olay Whitening Products & Cash Prizes), but they have to at least eat something!

Please tell our colleagues to eat during lunch hours here.

P.S. They can still play the game after taking their lunch.

The male employees of Nuffnang

Ha Ha Ha..
Paham tak..
Tapaham tapew..

Okie okie..
Sampai sini je..

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