Jul 30, 2009

H1N1 Makin Serius!

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera..
Tergerak pula hati ni na kongsi dengan semua orang..
Berita tentang cerita kesihatan..
Ho Ho Ho..


H1N1 Situation Getting Worse

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia has recorded its first influenza A (H1N1) related death from a local transmission, signalling a worsening of the situation in the country.

The 42-year-old man, who died on Monday, was the third death caused by the virus.

Two earlier deaths were linked to imported cases involving a 46-year-old Malaysian man who worked in Belgium, who died last Sunday and a 30-year-old Islamic finance student from Indonesia who died on July 21.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the third victim was reported to have died of severe pneumonia with multi-organ failure at 4.40pm on Monday after being treated for 10 days in a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur.

He said the victim had received outpatient treatment from several private clinics and hospitals since July 6 before being referred and admitted to the private hospital on July 18.

“He was diagnosed as suffering from diabetes mellitus and chest X-ray showed that he also had pneumonia,” he told a press conference yesterday.

Liow said the victim was transferred to the intensive care unit after suffering breathing difficulties and requiring a ventilator but his condition continued to deteriorate.

A throat swab taken on July 22 confirmed that the man was H1N1 positive.

“The swab was taken very late on July 22. All three victims died in the hospitals and now we’ve found out that the treatment came to them very late. I’m very concerned.”

Liow said he had directed all private clinics and hospitals to be more vigilant and to be on high alert as well as have the anti-viral drug, Tamiflu, to handle the H1N1 cases.

“Everyone must be responsible. We are already at level six. If you have flu and cough, take it seriously,” he said, adding that the death risk for those infected with H1N1 was 0.4% to 0.5%.

He advised the public to wear masks, take care of their personal hygiene and to practice social distancing if they were having sore throat and cough.

He said those with flu-like symptoms must go to the hospital and if confirmed to have the H1N1, to take Tamiflu.

Asked whether local users had suffered side-effects after taking Tamiflu as experienced by some foreign users, Liow said: “No. Not in Malaysia.

“At the early stage, the Health director-general had warned the public not to simply take Tamiflu. Take it only when you have the symptoms.”

He also said 95 new local H1N1 cases were reported yesterday making the total number thus far to 1,219.

Of the figure, 53% or 645 are local infections while 47% or 574 are imported cases.

“Local transmission cases have exceeded imported cases. Our local infections is spreading so fast throughout the country with 19 new clusters. This is a bad sign,” Liow said.

p/s : artikel d atas telah d tulis oleh Izatun Shari dari The Star online

extra info : kene beli topeng tutop muke la macam nih..


Jul 26, 2009

Lagu minggu ini [Trust You]

Ho Ho Ho..
Entri kali ini on time la..
Sangat sangat suke..
Tapi bukan ade orang bace pon..
Ha Ha Ha..


Lagu minggu ni..
Trust You..
Nyanyian Yuna Itou..
Lagu jepun hoo~~
Extra info la..
Lagu ni lagu ending..
Ending untuk Gundam 00 (season 2)..
Sangat bermakna la lagu ni..

hana ha kaze ni yureodoru youni
ame ha daichi wo uroosu youni
kono sekai ha yorisoiai ikiteru noni
naze hito ha kizutsukeau no
naze wakare ha otozureru no

kimi ga tooku ni ittemo mada
itsumo kono kokoro mannaka
ano yasahii egao de umetsukusareta mama
dakishimeta kimi no KAKERA ni
itami kanjitemo mada tsunagaru kara
shiniteru yo mata aeru to
I’m waiting for your love

I love you, I trust you
kimi no kodoku wo wakete hoshii
I love you, I trust you
hikari demo yami demo futari dakara shinjiaeru no

sekai no hate wo dare ga mita no
tabi no owari wo dare ga tsugeru no
ima ha kotae ga mienakute nagai yoru demo
shinjita michi wo susunde hoshii
sono saki ni hikari ga matsu kara

kimi ga oshietekureta uta ha
ima mo kono kokoro no mannaka
ano yasashii koe to tomoni hiibiteiru
afureru kimochi no shizuku ga
atatakaku hoho tsutau
tsuyoku naru ne shinjiteru yo tsunagatteru to
I’m always by your side

I love you, I trust you
kimi no tame ni nagasu namida ga
I love you, I trust you
ai wo oshietekureta donna ni kimi ga michi ni mayottemo
soba ni iru yo

I love you, I trust you
kimi no kodoku wo wakete hoshii
I love you, I trust you
hikari demo yami demo
I love you, I trust you
kanashimi demo yorokobi demo
I love you, I trust you
kimi no subete wo mamoritai

donna ni kimi ga machi ni mayottemo
soba ni iru yo futari dakara shinjiaeru no

Bawah ni translate dia..
Clap clap kat Chi-Sama..
Ha Ha Ha..

Flowers dance in the wind,
rain moistens the Earth…
If everyone in this world want to live together,
why do they hurt each other?
Why do they separate?

No matter how far you go, you’ll still
be in my heart.
With that tender smile, I get buried and
held in a fragment of you…
Even if you feel pain…we’re tied together,
I believe we’ll meet one again.
I’m waiting for your love.

I love you, I trust you
I hope you’ll share your loneliness with me.
I love you, I trust you
be it in light or darkness, because we trust each other,
so don’t let go.

Who has seen the world’s end?
Who informed us of the Journey’s End?
I can’t see the answer now, but even in long nights,
I hope you’ll continue on the path you believe in
because a light is waiting for you.

The song you’ve taught me
still lies within my heart.
Together with you, that tender voice resounds in my heart.
The fragment of my overflowing emotions
streak down my warm cheeks.
I’ve become strong right? I believe, we’re tied together.
I’m always by your side.

I love you, I trust you
for you, I shed these tears.
I love you, I trust you
you taught me what love is. Even if you get lost on your way,
I’ll be with you.

I love you, I trust you
I hope you’ll share your loneliness with me.
I love you, I trust you
be it in light or darkness.
I love you, I trust you
be it sadness or happiness.
I love you, I trust you
I want to protect your everything.

Even if you get lost on your way,
I’ll be with you because we trust each other…
Don’t let go.

Jul 25, 2009

Tentang Kawan Episod Finale

Saje gedik gedik gatal gatal tulis episod finale..
Finale la sangat..


Ok ok..
Bawah nih..
Ade spesel sikit..


Lagu Friends..
Nyanyian Stephanie

onaji egao shiteta
sonna bokura mo ikunen mo kasanesugite
surechigau keshiki wo
ukeirerarezu ni mogaiteru

muda na PURAIDO sutesari
kono sekai ni yasashisa wo

I Gotta Say
yuuki wo misetsukete mo tsuyogatte mo
hitori dewa ikirarenai
ano hi no yakusoku nara
kokoro no fukaku ni nokotteiru yo ima demo

wakarete mata deai
arata na michi ni hikari mitsuke arukidasu
umarete kara zutto
kurikaesu koto de tsunagatteku

itsunoma ni kimi to boku mo
sorezore mirai wo te ni shite

I Gotta Say
tooku hanareteite mo, aenakute mo
tsuyoi kizuna wa aru kara
“yume ga kanaimasu youni”
kokoro no soko kara inotteiru yo
We’re friends forever

mata au koto wo chikai
yubikiri shite
bokura wa arukidashita ne
mienai ikisaki e to
mayoinagara demo
susundeiru yo


kawariyuku kisetsu to
toki no naka
natsukashii MELODIES
otona ni natte mo
iroase wa shinai yo

I Gotta Say
yuuki wo misetsukete mo tsuyogatte mo
hitori dewa ikirarenai
ano hi no yakusoku nara
kokoro no fukaku ni nokotteiru yo

As life goes on…
wasurecha ikenai kara, Yeah
Don’t let it go…
kono hiroi daichi to nakama-tachi no koto

Serius la..
Mesti ade yang tabape faham nanti..
Jangan risau..
Susa payah mengtranslatekan dengan bantuan Chi-Sama (name warna silver sebab dia suke kaler silver)..

While showing the same smile,
just like that, a number of years have passed
while the sceneries pass by,
we are struggling to accept it

abandoning this useless pride,
(and hoping for) gentleness in this world

I gotta say
Even though I show all my courage and strength,
I can’t live alone
As the promise from that day
still remains deep in my heart, even until now

Meeting again after parting
I found light in a newfound path, and walk on
Ever since I was born,
it happens again and again, strung together

And between pauses of time, both of us
started building our own future

I gotta say
Even if we’re far apart, and unable to meet
There is strong bond between us
“May the dreams come true,”
Pray me from the bottom of my heart
We’re friends forever

Pledging to meet again,
We did a pinky promise
before setting out
towards the unseen destination
Even when full of doubt,
we still march on


In the midst of these changing seasons
and flow of time,
the reminiscent melodies remain
Even when I’ve become an adult,
it won’t fade:
Our precious memories

I gotta say
Even though I show all my courage and strength,
I can’t live alone
As the promise from that day
still remains deep in my heart, even until now

As life goes on…
I won’t forget, yeah
Don’t let it go…
About this vast earth, and about those friends

Panjang sangat sangat..
Penat taip..


p/s : episod finale, ha ha ha..

extra info : saya lupa password Main Yahoo (pipi_crossover89)saya, jadi extended blog tadapat d update dalam mase terdekat..


Tentang Kawan

Salam sejahtera..


Tentang kawan..
Tetiba lak na tulis pasal entri nih..
Selepas ade someone tribute post dia pasal saya dalam blog dia..
Sedey la bace..
Tapi tangape..
Bukan benda salah pon..

Ada macam macam jenis..
Ada yang baik..
Ada yang tabaik..
Dua dua jenis..
Saya kawan dan takawan..


Ha Ha Ha..
Saja tulis post nih..

Trimas Chi-Sama..


Da da..
Tu je..

p/s : dear, i read ur blog, jangan selalu fikir tentang masa lalu, then once again, u will cry n cry n cry again..

extra info : i trust you (google la kalau na tahu jawapan dia)


Jul 20, 2009

Lagu minggu ini [Pergi]

Lambat lagi untuk entri nih..


Tapew tapew..
Jangan risaw risaw..
Lagu minggu nih tetap akan di post jugew..


Lagu minggu ini..
Jatuh kepada..


Lagu Pergi nyayian Aizat..
Lagu nih..
Lirik dia..
Sangat mendalam..
Tertusuk tusuk la ruang hati la jantung la, limpa smua smua organ sayu je dengar..
Looks like a perfect song for me at this time.. (cakap omputeh seket seket lak, hehehe)


Ok ok..
Bawah ni lirik lagu nye..
Mane dapat..??
Saya dengar dan saya tulis balik lirik lagu tuh..

Sayu terpisah
Hikayat indah kini hanya tinggal sejarah
Berhembus angin rindu
Begitu nyamannya terhidu wangian kasihmu
Hujan lebat mencurah kini
Bagaikan tiada henti
Kaulah laguku kau irama terindah
Tak lagi kudengari
Kau pergi.. Pergi..

Sepi tanpa kata
Terdiam dan kaku tak daya kau kulupa
Apa pun kata mereka
Biarkan kenangan berbunga di ranting usia

Hujan lebat mencurah kini
Bagaikan tiada henti
Kaulah laguku kau irama terindah
Tak lagi kudengari

Kau pergi.. Pergi..

Hujan lebat mencurah kini
Bagaikan tiada henti
Kaulah laguku kau irama terindah
Tak lagi kudengari

Kau pergi.. Pergi..
Kau pergi.. Pergi..
Kau pergi..

Dunia Baru Episod Finale

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera..
Episod Finale trus..
Da malas da na main teka teki dengan diri sendiri..
Wat jadi bodo ngan ngungek jew..


Dunia baru..??
Baru la sangat..
Tadew yang baru..
Layout baru jew..
Nih pon dalam alpha test..
Tamasok dalam beta test lagi nih..


Banyaknye pilihan layout..
Da da..
Sukop sukop..
Tataw na tulis ape da..
Nih ending dunia baru.. (dunia blog je uit)

p/s : next post.. cerita tentang perkara menghepikan diri sendiri tanpa ragu ragu..


extra info : kini da jadi lega da.. bukan saya bukan saya.. yea~~


Jul 17, 2009

Dunia Baru Episod 2

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera..
Tekejut x..
Mesti la x..
Ha Ha Ha..


Kali ini dengan layout blog baru..
Dan semuanya serba baru la..
Ape ape pun..
Ini semua dalam alpha test yew..
Tapasti lagi sama ada na teruskan ngan layout ini atau x..
Susa btol na buat pilihan..
Banyak sangat layout..
Lain lain serta unik la mereka mereka itu..
Ha Ha Ha..

Ok ok..
Sampai sini je..
Blom episod finale lagi..
So ade la continues nye..

p/s : cantik x.. serba baru la.. saya sangat suka biar pon hati sedikit kecewa, tapi tamengapew la, life goes on la..


extra info : perubahan demi perubahan dalam hidup, menjadikan seseorang itu lebih matang dalam hidup serta mampu mengharungi pelbagai cabaran, ooyeah, falsafah falsafah lagi..


Jul 15, 2009

Dunia Baru

Tade keje..


Tu jew..

Jul 14, 2009

Lagu minggu ini [Masih Jelas]

Entri nih je mesti lewat..
Maaf maaf..
Kesilapan kelewatan yang disengajakan..

Okey okey..
Tayah la na bagi taw kan lagu minggu nih lagu siapa kan..
Tuh title atas da bgtaw da..
Ha Ha Ha..

Ye ye..
Lagu Masih Jelas nih d nyanyikan oleh Hafiz AF7..
Kat bawah ni lirik lagu..
D sedut dan d cedok dari igetmp3.blogspot.com..
Trimas trimas..

Beralih musim ke musim
Hati tetap serupa
Tiada yang berubah
Dari hari dikau pergi
Dikau pergi

Penjara.. hidup ini penjara
Tanpa ada simpati
Kepada sang kekasih
Yang dilanda, yang dilanda

Masih jelas setiap garisan halus
Bila senyuman kau ukirkan untukku
Masih jelas setiap lekuk penjuru
Menghiasi wajahmu
Waktu kau renung aku

Ratib sendu..
Ratib sendu bergetar dalam kalbu
Hingga menitis linang
Dari kelopak mata
Keranaku keranamu dipisahkan

(ulang chorus)

Sudah suratan takdir begini
Segalanya sementara
Selagi hayat masih ada
Kau bertakhta di hatiku

(ulang verse 1)

Kosong Episode Finale

Ok ok..
Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera..
Ha Ha Ha..
Title kosong lagi kan..
Mesti ramai yang da saket jiwa da tuh..
Saba saba..
Kena habiskan gak la cerita nih..
He He He..

Sekarang nih..
Da x kosong da..
Tu yang jadi episod finale tuh..
He He He..
Si dia yang menyepi pon da kembali..
Part tuh penting sikit..
Padahal bukan ade pape pon..
Hi Hi Hi..

Sekarang mase untuk hepi2 da..
Mase untuk belajar..
Mase untuk hidup..
Mase untuk update blog..
Ha Ha Ha..
Da da..
Tuh jew..

p/s : berakhir suda cerita kosong, next post ape cerita..?? rasia lorr.. lalala~~

extra info : 1 pembaharuan akan datang dalam blog sayabudakkurus.. ape dia..?? nantikan..

Jul 12, 2009

Kosong Episod 3

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera..
Saya pun tatahu la..
Tatahu kenapa datang nye idea untuk mnulis posting bertajuk kosong..
Kosong lagi kan..
Ha Ha Ha..
Maaf semua..
Itu je yang terbuku dan sering bermain dalam kepala saya nih..
Entah la..
Asek pikir kosong jew..

Kronologi kosong bermula mase cuti sem harituh..
Hu Hu Hu..
Tataw da ape na jadi nih..
Hari hari makin kosong..
Sebab dunia saya yang serba kecil nih kot..
Entah la..
Tamengerti da tentang hidup ini lagi..

Ape pon..
Ruang ruang kosong nih banyak ajar saya tentang erti hidup..
Tentang na mengharungi hidup hidup nih..
Sangat susa tapi itu la cabaran..
Nampak je kosong..
Tapi ianya sangat komplek dan padat..
Sangat abstrak..
Ha Ha Ha..
Sukop sukop la tuh..
Besok saya tulis lagi..
Tengok pada masa jika masa itu bagi ruang pada saya untuk menulis..

p/s : yer, kosong lagi kan, ape..? bosan lagi..? saya x de idea..? hahaha.. saba saba, kate mnulis blog kan, bace je la korang korang yer..

extra info : hari hari makan luar, hahaha.. cuci cuci mata jugew..

Jul 11, 2009

Kosong Episod 2

Asemekum dan selamat sejahtera..
Post kali ini adalah sambungan dari post sebelumnya..
Hu Hu Hu..

Kosong jadi masa saya mula mula balik kat kolej (sem ni la)..
Semuanya nampak kosong (da orang tabalik lagi)..
Ha Ha Ha..

Masuk masuk kolej je..
Bila scan kad matric..
Ape kejadahnye berbunyik bunyik nih oi pak guard nepal!!
Register nye hari khamis, hari rabu da berbunyik..
Ta demokrasi betol la..
Da la tuh..
Siap kene scan virus selsema ba alif ba ya lah..
Kene pejam pejam mata bagai..

Masok dalam apartment..
Semua kosong..
Peti ais da tadew..
Folder file ilang~~
Adess, bengong nye budak quit..
Tayah la angkut folder file saya wehh~~
Suar suar dalam brand puppies pon kna angkut gak kew~~
Da la short pakaian nih..
So sangat sedey..
Ini x adil..

Ape lagi ewh..
Da la etenden last sem dia bg fail..
Mangkuk mangkuk..
Sem lepas kelas kitorg 2 bulan je la oi..
Yang sesuke aty gagalkan etenden tu kenapa kah..
Option membakar kolej serta menghururakan kolej harus d pertimbangkan..
Amek ko~~

Da x de da..
Ha Ha Ha..

p/s : hari hari makan kat luar, duk umah 2 orang saje.. huu.. macam orang bujang, eh, memang bujang lorr, ha ha ha.. nuffnang, wait aa~~

extra info : saya jauh awak pon jauh, dua dua jauh jadi "too far away make us separate" la ke na cakap macam nih "i was far away so lets say it was a farewell".. pe mende saya merepek nih..?? ha ha ha.. hurmm.. myspace..?? na kene wat ke..? dear reader, follower and supporter, please leave your comment under this post, saya amat memerlukan pendapat anda..

Jul 9, 2009


Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera kepada mereka mereka yang mengikut blog saya yang taseberapa nih..

Tu la tajuk post saya utk kali ini..

Kenapa kosong..??
Kosong la..
Macam saya nih..
Segala segala nampak kosong..
Seperti ruang yang luas tanpa isi di dalam nya..

Macam mane boleh jadi kosong..??
Saya pon tatahu..
Bingung barangkali dan tertanya tanya jugak saya..
Kenapa tetiba jadi kosong..
1 persoalan terbaru tanpa jawapan..
Mungkin sebab kosong..
Jadi jawapan dia mungkin kosong jugew..

Emosi sangat ke post kali nih..
Agak kosong la otak saya nih bila memikirkan nya berulang kali..
Hati saya..??
Sentiasa kosong..
Kosong untuk ruang ruang tertentu..
Mesti ramai pelik dan tertanya tanya..
Ruang ape kan..
Maaf la..
Saya pon tanak bagitahu..
He He He..
Rahsia rahsia..
Na tahu jugew..
Kena la ikot blog saya nih..
Ha Ha Ha..
Ok la..
Sampai sini dulu coretan kali ini..
Besok besok menaip lagi..

p/s : kadang kadang atau tanpa kita sedari, dalam hidup kita nih pasti ade kekosongan, kadang kadang bila kita gembira, kita tasedar pon ade ruang kekosongan dalam diri kita, bukan semuanya indah belaka, hi hi hi.. bila kita da sedar, macam macam kite lakukan untuk tutup ruang kosong tuh..

extra info : saya hilang untuk masa yang agak lama dan mungkin atau pasti akan hilang sekali lagi mungkin untuk masa yang singkat atau yang lama, ouch!